The most effective at-home device for men’s bedroom performance

Designed to emit 1 million pulses at therapeutic levels and capable of providing 50 total treatments with no lock-out time.

✓ Doctor Recommended

✓ Patented Technology

✓ Clinically Proven

The most effective at-home acoustic device in the world!

✓ Maximizes blood flow
✓ Strengthens the “package”
✓ Increases sensitivity
✓ Decreases refractory time
✓ Eliminates the need for pills

How do I get my device?

Find a provider

Schedule a consult with one of our certified physicians to order your device.  

Track your progress

Use your device instantly, following the custom treatment protocol provided.

Repair & optimize

Conveniently provide treatment on yourself from the comfort of your home! 

ⓧ no pills

ⓧ no injection

ⓧ no surgeries

Viagra® and Cialis® temporarily mask the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), keeping you dependent on them forever while causing unwanted side-effects.

The Phoenix Pro uses advanced acoustic waves to open up blood vessels within the penis while regenerating new blood vessels, which vastly improves erection quality.

High Success Rate 

With over 40 medical studies performed on acoustic therapy, you’ll enjoy the superior and proven results.  

No Side Effects 

Strengthen your erections while eliminating pesky side-effects like headaches, blurry vision and even the risk of stroke! 

At-Home Use

Follow your custom-tailored protocol provided by our physicians to maximize results at home.  

Drug & Surgery Free 

Break away from the chains of those little blue pills, and the pain of surgery. 

No Downtime 

You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits and test out the results on the same day of treatments.  


No needles, pain, or invasion. Only results! 

How it works

The Phoenix Pro emits 20k pulses of acoustic soundwaves into certain parts of the male member to optimize performance naturally. Combined with a specially created, custom-tailored protocol for each patient, the Phoenix Pro is able to expand blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the penis.

This increases the blood flow to the penis and improves sexual function. In addition, the procedure activates the growth of new nerve tissue in the penis. This process, called angiogenesis, enhances sensitivity in the penis.

Hear it from real users

I was really skeptical about purchasing this device at first. I’m a huge fan of GAINSWave and thought the Phoenix Pro was just some knockoff device that wouldn’t deliver. But after using it, even the first time, I saw results right away! My erections are stronger, and my refractory time is down. Even just moments after sex, I kept getting erections, which was very surprising, and enjoyable. My doctor also provided me with a “routine” on how to maximize results in between GAINSWave treatments. This thing works. And it’s great that I can use it at home and even before my partner comes over. It’s safe to say that she was definitely “shocked” at how awesome everything was working “down there”. She even asked me if I had taken Viagra!

Adrian G.

Everyone knows I’m a big fan of having sex. I’ve broken my penis three times – so that should tell you something. But now that I’m getting older, it’s harder for me to get it up. I’m 60 years old, so it’s normal. I’ve tried every kind of pill out there to get “it” up, but I hate those things cause they either don’t work, or give me a headache after. When I heard about the Phoenix Pro, I didn’t believe in it either. Now, I’m getting the same erections I used to get in my 20’s and even more important, I’m able to keep up with my wife’s sexual appetite. She doesn’t know what’s going on, but she likes it. Trust me guys. This thing works!

Dennis Rodman

I’ve been using the Phoenix Pro for about 3 weeks now and it’s doing the job. I’ve found that its a really successful tool to use in-between my GAINSWave treatments. What I like most about it is the convenience of being able to use it at home, on my own time, and when I need it the most. I have seen great results after using the device twice a week, and so has my wife.

This is a great tool that actually works and I highly recommend it.

Jeremy E.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get the Phoenix Pro?

Because the Pheonix Pro delivers more power and has a shorter lock-out time, it can only be purchased by a licensed physician. To order yours, simply schedule a virtual consultation with a Phoenix Pro provider. During the consult, they’ll ask you about any obstacles that you’re looking to overcome, teach you how to use the device for self-treatment and even provide you with a custom-tailored protocol to follow for the treatment.  

Will it make my penis bigger?

Because acoustic therapy revitalizes the blood vessels within the penis and promotes the growth of additional vessels, the penis is able to be filled with more blood. Although this makes the penis look fuller and more robust, it does not change the actual length of the penis.

When will I see results? 

Results vary on the level of erectile dysfunction that you’re experiencing. Those with mild symptoms will enjoy results sooner than those with severe. That being said, most users experience noticeable results within the first 90 days.  

How long does treatment take? 

Treatment is only 20 minutes. A licensed physician will create a custom treatment routine for you.  

What’s the difference between the Phoenix and the Phoenix Pro? 

The Phoenix Pro delivers more acoustic pulses (20k) resulting in 33% more increased energy than the Phoenix, which only delivers 15k pulses. In addition, the Pheonix Pro delivers up to 50 treatments and has no lockout time.

Does it hurt? 

People have varying levels of pain tolerance and many can perform the treatment with little discomfort. For those who are more sensitive, we provide and recommend the use of a topical numbing cream, and a sample is even included with the purchase of your Phoenix Pro. The majority of Pro users experience no pain at all. 

Will the Phoenix Pro completely solve my ED? 

The Phoenix Pro is a powerful device that is best utilized in conjunction with treatments like GAINSWave, PRP, and other innovative therapies. To maximize the results of the Phoenix Pro, speak with a provider near you so they can create a custom-protocol to match your goals.

Can I use this device for other conditions? 

In addition to Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease, acoustic therapy is used to for Cellulite, Tennis Elbow and Rotator Cuff Injuries.  

How do I use the Phoenix Pro?

The Phoenix Pro is the most powerful and advanced at-home acoustic device solution for erectile dysfunction and optimization. Because it is so powerful, it is only available for purchase through a licensed physician. Once you receive yours, you’ll receive detailed instructions, which may vary based on your condition and goals.

Upgrade your erections
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The most powerful personal acoustic therapy device for men that optimizes erections in private and at home!